Vans RV-14 Interior Kits

Very similiar in design to our Seats for the RV-6/7/9, our RV-14 seats add a very elegant or sporty finishing touch to your aircraft.


The RV-14 Seats are available in 2 models; Low Back seats and our Seats with the integrated head rest. Like our other seats, these are available in a variety of materials and finishes. The seats are also available with several internal modifications to enhance comfort.


* Internal Inflateable Lumbar Supports

* Seat Heaters


The side panels in our interior kit gives the pilot and passenger convienent storage space on the side walls with two large storage pockets per side. For those who have built their aircraft utilizing the floor headphone jacks, our side panels are designed to give ample room for installing and removing the jacks, and still present a finished interior without the need for modification. 


Our carpet kits for the RV-14 include the standard closed cell foam for between the cockpit floor stringers, adequate velcro for installation, as well as carpet covering behind the heels on the spar and up to the seats with provisions for the stick boot.


The basic interior kit includes the two complete seat assemblies, and the side panels for the cockpit. We also offer side coverings for the baggage compartment at additional cost. 


If you have any questions regarding our RV-14 Interior Kit, please contact us.

Photos of our RV-14 Kit in our Workshop

RV-14 Interior Package Price List
Our current price list for the RV-14 Interior. Prices are subject to change.
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RV-14 Interior Kit Order Form
Our Current Order form for our RV-14 Interior Kits
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