Interior Kits for RV-8 Aircraft

We are currently in production of our first set of seats designed for the Vans RV-8 Aircraft. Our basic seat set will include the front seat base and back, booster for the front seat, the back seat base and back, and a seperate booster for the back. Our seats are styled similiar to our other seats in our line for Vans Aircraft, and can be customized according to our customers wishes. 


In addition to the seats, we will be offereing side panels, control stick boots, and carpet kits to finish out the interior of your aircraft. Our side panels should be available Fall 2019, while our seats will be available pre-Summer 2019.


Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. 

Photos of our RV-8 Kits in our Workshop

Customer Provided Photos of our RV-8 Seats/Kits Installed

RV-8 Interior Kit Pricing
Current price list for our RV-8 Interiors. Pricing and availability subject to change.
EURO Price List RV8 01.2020.pdf
PDF-Dokument [26.9 KB]

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