We have been selling our Interior Kits online for many years now, and with the addition of our Interior Kits for VANS aircraft, demand for our services has increased significantly. Of course this is a blessing as well as a curse, as it has resulted in significant lead times for both our worldwide Interior Kit Customers as well as our local Customers. We are doing all we can to elliminate the long lead time, and hopefully with the addition of more personel, our wait times can be reduced 25-30%. However, until we find an appropriate match with personnel, we are advising our customers of approx. 40-42 weeks prior to production. Add on production, and shipping, some customers who are interested in our kits may be looking at between 45-48 weeks before receiving there kit after their order. 

Custom Interior Kits for Your Zenith Aircraft

Here you will find all the information you need to help you select and build a beautiful custom interior for your Light Sport or Experimental Built Aircraft. Our current line of Interior Kits fit the Zenith Zodiac 601/650, the Zenith 750 Cruzer/STOL varients, and we can now offer a new beautifully constructed kit for Zenith 701 STOL Aircraft.


You can click on the Tabs on the right-hand side of the page for more info regarding each kit, or continue reading further for more general information regarding our kits.


Our line of Interior Kits are manufactured using premium foams and covering materials, using the same materials that are found in premium automobile and furniture industries within Germany and throughout Europe. 


Seat foam construction is generaly based on a sandwich-type build where multiple layers of foam are glued together in a jig to provide stability for the occupant and to hold the covering in place. In our basic kits, two to three densities of foam are used varying gradually in hardness to provide ultimate comfort, durability, and life. In addition to the basic kit, we also offer seats constructed of Confor-type foams. Due to the construction methods and the manner in which our covers are secured to the foam, we can offer seats that use our standard base with two additional layers of Confor foam for those who desire such.


Covering of the seats on our basic kits is completed using an extremely high quality automotive/marine Ultra-Leather (Polyurethane Leather-Like). The Ultra-Leather has been developed specifically for the automobile and marine industry, and have high levels of abbrasive resistance, color-fastness, and are chemically stable when in contact with salt, fats, oils, and grease. Center seating sections of our seats can be covered with a durable Micro-Fabric that is an extremely abbrasive resistant cloth. 


In additon to the materials used on the standard kit, we can also offer materials that conform to and have been tested to meet burn requirements outlined under FAR 25.853 / JAR 25.853. Burn Certificates are provided with our interior kits as well as a detailed work order for customer records. 


Lastely, real Leather is also offered for all kits. Kits completed using Leather can be single or two-tone, and can also meet FAR 25.853 Burn Requirements. 

Finishing Options

Finishing Options on our interior kits include the selection of sewings, pipping, and custom embroidery for your interior kit. 


Finishing Sewings are a double-end sewing that is visible on the joining portions of the seat on the side bolsters. This finishing option is very popular and provides an elegent and durable finish to the seat. These sewings are reinforced on the back side of the cover to enhance strength. Coloring of the finish sewing can match the cover, or a contrasting color can be selected to provide an elegant or sporty look.


Pipping is availabe on our seating also running the length of the side bolsters, and is also used to trim portions of the kit. Pipping is sewn in locations on the seat where it is unlikely to provide discomfort or creat "hot spots" durring long trips. Again, color choices for pipping can be selected to match the primary seat color or to provide contrast. 


As of October 2017, we can now offer in-house embroidery on our Interior Kits. We can customize any design, including logos, Registration Numbers, and we can vary the coloring of the embroidery in order to create a clean and sporty interior for your aircraft. 

Interior Colors

You can download a selection of our popular colors on the webpages corresponding to the individual Interior Kits. In addition to the listed popular colors, we have the ability to color match between hundreds of colors depending upon personal tastes. 


We use RAL coloring charts to compare customer wishes against available Ultra-Leather, Micro-Fabric, and Leather Options. If you are interested in a custom color for your interior kit, more information about RAL coloring in addition to examples can be found on the official RAL color site at the following link:

Kit Options

In addition to the standard options available with all our kits, we offer several upgrades to the Interior Kits we produce in order to provide our customers with maximum in-flight comfort, kit durability, and in order to create a truly unique interior kit. Our upgradeable options vary by kit. 


- 12V Heating is available on the entire range of our Interior Kits. Our heating kits are 2 zone / 5 level heating. A heating element is located on the seat and back portions. The heating is controlled via a provided switch and the heating can be selected Off/1/2/3/4/5. 


- Inflateable Lumbar Supports are available with our 601/650 and 701 STOL Kits. The supports are installed under the seat cover and are inflated using a supplied hand pump. In addition to the hand pump, we can also accomodate a 12V Electric system which is provided with harness and swtiches. For more details regarding the 12 V Electric Lumbar Support, please contact us.


- Headrests. We can install Headrests on our 601/650 and 701 Interior Kits. The Headrest is mounted onto an aluminum structure build into the seatfoam and provides a stable support for the headrest. The headrest is adjustable vertically to accomodate varying heights. In addition, the Aluminum Structure built into our 601/650 kits is strong and large enough to provide the seat with all the support it needs. There is no requirement to use plywood or add to the existing aircraft structure. For those who are interested in the additional internal structure without the headrests, this is also a popular and available option for our 601/650 Interior Kits. 


Site Disclaimer.


Please note that Lemke Autosattlerei & Moebelpolsterei of Karlstadt, Germany, is not affiliated with Zenith Aircraft Company. Our products are not designed by, manufactured for, or approved by, Zenith Aircraft Company. Our designs have been developed working with actual customers who own Zenith Aircraft. The use of any logo on our seats is based on information supplied to us by our customers, and is completed at the request of our customers wishes. It is up to the customer to ensure, upon requesting work, to ensure that no use of a particular logo violates any Trademark or Copyright Law. 

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