Zodiac 601/650 Interior Kit

Zodiac 601/650 Interior Kit

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We have Updated our Pricing as of 14 October 2017!!

Complete Kit Consists of:


2 Seats - Pilot and Copilot/Passenger


Upholstered Center Console Cover


Full set of Matching Side Panels


Self-Adhesive Velcro - 3 Meters for Installing Center Console Cover and Seats


Extra Material is also available at additional cost if you wish to cover any other areas of the cockpit or baggage compartment.





Finishing Options for our kits include either Standard pipping in a matching or contrasting color, or the finishing sewing as shown on the pictures. There is no cost increase for either option.



RAL Color Matching

We have available for download a set of examples of the popular colors available for our aircraft interior kits. However; we are able to color match our interior kits to our customers exact specifications. Through the use of RAL color coding, our customers can view available choices anywhere in the world and send us there specifications. Our selection of available Vinyls, Microfabrics, and Leathers contains hundreds of choices.

Our Interior Kit for Zodiac 601 / 650 XL Series Aircraft includes 2 Seats (Pilot / Copilot), four upholstered side panels, and an upholstered center console cover with boot for center control stick.


We also offer a kit designed for Aircraft that are equipped with the dual stick option. The forward portion of the seats where the upper thigh support is located is slightly smaller and formed to ensure that it does not interfere with the movement of the flight controls. The center console cover is longer and extends to the front of the main spar.


The kits are fully customizable and are build per customer specifications. We have made available for download some of the more popular color choices available. In addition, The seams of the seats can be finished with matching colored piping or without. 


Zodiac 601 650 Seat Interior Kit Headrest Embroidery Zodiac 601/650 Interior Kit with Custom Embroidery
Zodiac 601/650 Dual Stick Seats

The pilot and copilot seats are built using a multi-core foam sandwich construction adhered together in a jig which conforms to the cabin interior’s contour. Three different densities of foam are used to provide support and comfort for the occupants.


The side panels are inserted into the cabin area underneath the upper longeron cover and are held in place securely from the seat assembly. The Main Spar uprights are covered and fastened forward and aft of the spar with Velcro.


The center console cover is upholstered for comfort and is secured to the center console on the sides, back, and front using Velcro. The center stick boot has a zipper assembly installed on the forward side for installation and inspection purposes. The boot is held securely to the control stick with the use of a tie strap.

Zodiac 601 650 Interior Upholstery Kit Seats Side Panels Center Stick Zodiac 601/650 Interior Kit Red Vinyl/Dark Red Microfabric without Headrest for Center Stick Aircraft
Zodiac 601/650 Interior Seats Kit Side Panels Center Console Cover Boot Zodiac 601/650 Interior Kit Light Gray and Blue

Zenith Zodiac 601-650 Interior Kits

Our Custom High Quality Seating for the Zodiac Line of Aircraft

Zodiac 601/650 Interior Kit Upholstry Seats Center Console Center Console Cover With Boot For Control Stick
Zodiac 601/650 Interior Kit Seats Center Console Zodiac 601/650 Interior Kit Detail

Download our Pricing Info Below

Prices valid as of 27.12.2019
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The color options are selected to give customers an overview of popular coloring and material selections. Naturally, these seats can be customized further. If you are interested in additional coloring and fabric options, please feel free to contact us. We can email photos of coloring samples. We can also provide actual samples per mail. Prices for samples are found above on our current price list.

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Please note that Lemke Autosattlerei & Moebelpolsterei of Karlstadt, Germany, is not affiliated with Zenith Aircraft Company. Our products are not designed by, manufactured for, or approved by, Zenith Aircraft Company. Our designs have been developed working with actual customers who own Zenith Aircraft. The use of any logo on our seats is based on information supplied to us by our customers, and is completed at the request of our customers wishes. It is up to the customer to ensure, upon requesting work, to ensure that no use of a particular logo violates any Trademark or Copyright Law. 

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