NEW!! - Interior Kits for Vans RV-7/7A and RV-9/-A                  Aircraft

Our RV6, RV7, and RV9 Seating. From Left to Right; High Back Option, Integrated Headrest Option, and our Low Back Option Seats. Regardless of your choice, all of our seats are available at the same cost.

After much work, patience, and determination, we have completed the prototype kit for our Vans RV7/A and RV9/A.  The interior kit we have developed offers our customers a professionally manufactured kit and provides loads of options.


Our Standard Kits include the following:


2 Complete Seats (Seat Backs and Seats)

2 Side Panels

2 Stick Boots

4 Recessed Panel Covers for above the Lower Panels

2 Spar Cap covers

2 Arm Rests


The Seats themselves can be manufactured as high back, low back, or headrest models. Low back model seats extend approx. 5 cm above the seat, while the high back seats extend 12 cm above the seat (2 inch and 4.5 inches, respectively. On the head rest option seats the seat extends a total of 16 cm above the seat frame back while still offering access to the baggage compartment. 


The seats are manufactured from standard PU Foam, and have a dual density layer of Viscous (memory) foam. The seat uses two different densities of Viscous Foam, while the seat back uses a single density.


Side Panels are manufactured as a single piece, and include two pockets on each side. The larger pocket directly to the side of the seats utilizes the structure for storage, while the pocket near the landing gear weldment (on tricycle gear aircraft) is backed to prevent objects from falling.


Options for the seating include material options, finishing options, and integrated options such as lumbar supports, seat heaters. If you are feeling frisky we can even include integral blowers (6 in each seat) to help you keep cool (seat covering is limited to perforated leather or a breathable fabric) and massage functions for those long trips.


Prices for our complete kits are as follows: (All seating regardless of back is the same price).


-Complete kit in Artificial Leather (2 Tone)                                                            $1175.00 

-Complete Kit with Artificial Leather and Micro Fabric  (2 Tone)                         $1235.00

-Complete Kit in Full Micro Fabric (Artificial Leather Side Panels)                      $1475.00

-Complete kit with Leather Seats and Matching Artificial Leather

  Side Panels (2 Tone)                                                                                              $1475.00

-Complet kit with Leather Seats and Leather Side Panels (2 Tone)                        $1775.00


Naturally we offer our customers the option to purchase only our seats if so desired. Prices for only seating is as follows; 2 tone options is included in the below pricing:


-Seats with Artificial Leather                                                                                   $775.00

-Seats with Artificial Leather and Micro Fabric                                                      $835.00

-Seats with Real Leather                                                                                         $1075.00


The pricing above represents a summary of popular options and associated costs. We have access to thousands of differnt materials, colors, textures, and work one to one with our customers to find the best option for their needs. Naturally we can arrange for product samples to be delivered. Shipping for the product samples is USD $20.00. The samples themselves are free of charge. In the event a kit is purchased after ordering the samples, we will gladly credit the buyer the $20.00 back against the final purchase price. 


If you are interested in finding out more about our RV-7 and RV-9 interior kits, please feel free to contact us. We would be happy to discuss your needs. 



Our Inflateable Lumbar Supports available. Single Chamber support on the left, dual Chamber support on the right. The dual chamber support has two handpumps to adjust pressure over a larger portion of the back. We also offer a Single Chamber bladder that is controlled via a panel mounted switch and operates on 12VDC. 

Order Form for Vans RV7 7/A and RV9 9/A aircraft interiors manufactured by Lemke Autosattlerei & Moebelpolsterei in Karlstadt, Germany
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